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Estates & Trust Administration

Our firm is proud of the reputation we have developed among our clients, as well as professionals such as accountants, financial planners and other attorneys for our extensive experience in estate and trust administration.

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Estates & Trust Administration

Our firm has extensive experience in estate and trust administration. Our fiduciary clients include individual and corporate executors, administrators, trustees, agents, and guardians. From probating wills and collecting valuable assets, to ensuring proper documentation, minimizing tax liability, record keeping and accounting to beneficiaries, we help our fiduciary clients navigate through the often-daunting estate, trust and/or other fiduciary administration process that they may face in a manner that reduces stress and worry in an otherwise emotional and difficult period of time.

We also deliver customized guidance on the many issues that may arise in the administration of estates and trusts that include special assets such as business interests or interests in entities that may own investment or commercial real estate. Our attorneys guide fiduciary clients when dealing with the administration of a wide variety of personal and business assets as well as the administration of a wide variety of trusts, including but not limited to, marital, credit shelter, irrevocable life insurance, qualified personal residence, generation skipping, qualified domestic, disclaimer or special needs trusts.

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At Salvo Rogers Elinski & Scullin, our goal is to create a comfortable environment and to work closely with each of our individual, family, business and institutional clients to achieve their anticipated legal results. Our compassionate team approach sets us apart, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and individualized legal representation in a cost-efficient manner.